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Blackjack and all Supports: Win It

In blackjack, you will have to think about doing the right thing at the right time depending on the hand you have but also depending on the banker’s game. No, blackjack is not a game based on luck, you can, depending on your technique, your knowledge of the game, largely make the right decisions to win the game very often. But of course, it requires a certain playing time to take the reflexes.

What we are going to show you today are the actions that a SLOT777 player can take during the game. Of course, you owe it to yourself to memorize them to know what to do.


It’s the easiest thing to do, you don’t do anything, you stay. You consider your hand to be high enough to win over the Banker’s, so you don’t take a risk and stay.


You just want to draw one or more cards because you see that your hand is too weak to win. Be careful not to exceed the sum of 21, which would automatically disqualify you.


Imagine you were dealt two identical cards in the first hand, so you have a pair. You don’t have to, but know that you can share it or separate it, two different terms for the same action. If you split, then you build two hands that you can play with the same way you would if you had one. You receive two new cards to complete your two hands and after that you can fully apply the actions to your games. If you ever have a pair yet, you can share once again.


Your first hand, that is to say the first two cards is rather to your advantage, you have a good feeling on this round. Then it might be time to double down. This means that first you double your bet, so you add to the stack, and then you get just one more card to complete your hand. It is with these three cards that you will have to beat the banker if you want to take the winnings.

To abandon

You may very well give up your hand if you don’t feel like you could get far with it. Not all casinos allow this practice to begin with, but online they do so almost every time. And then you have to know all the same that you lose half of your initial bet, just to withdraw from the game. Doesn’t that get a little expensive? You will see that you find this action again when you learn the basic strategy.Take some time to observe this table, but then the most important thing is to simply practice.

The percentage of return

On the other hand, you should always favor the casinos that offer you the most interesting percentage of return. For this, you must therefore inquire and establish comparisons between several casinos before choosing the one that offers you the best advantages, particularly in terms of the percentage of return.

If you have significant financial means, it would be better to turn from the start the slot machines where the amount of bets is important. And for good reason, their percentage of payment will be higher as a result. For example, dollar machines offer a return of around 95%, while those at $ 0.05 are limited to around 90%. This is because the $ 0.05 machine occupies the same space as the $ 1 machine, resulting in a lower payout percentage.

Promotions to seize

Do not hesitate to subscribe to a bonus program at the level of the casino of your choice in order to benefit from various rewards and promotions such as gift tokens or free meals, etc.If you have the good idea to take into account these tips which are, moreover, very simple to apply when you get behind the slot machine of your choice, then you will have put all the chances of your side to win the jackpot.